Upcoming Shows


March 18 Orleans Equinox Celebration, Village Green (by Snow Library, Rt. 28 & Main St.)
June 21 Truro Solstice Celebration, 7 Daisy Lane, 530 PM
July 23 Truro Outside The Captain's Choice restaurant, 3-5 PM
July 25 Wellfleet Baker's Field Pavilion, 6-8 PM
July 31 Eastham At the Windmill, 7-8 PM
August 24 Truro Outside the Truro Library, 630-730 PM
September 20 Truro Autumn Celebration outside the Truro Library, 6–7:15 PM
October 15 Wellfleet Oysterfest at Town Hall, 11:15 AM


August 23 Wellfleet MA Flying Fish Cafe with Lisa Brown
October 8 Brooklyn NY The Owl, matinee with Dan Seiden


April 22 Streaming online Earth Day virtual dance party with ChangentZero.com
June 21 Wellfleet Summer solstice dance at Preservation Hall
June 23 Eastham Community Carnival at Nauset Regional High School
July 10 Truro Ukraine benefit at Payomet
August 14 Wellfleet Summer dance at Holistic Health & Massage
September 23 Truro Fall equinox dance at Payomet
October 30 Wellfleet Samhain dance at Holistic Health & Massage (3073 Rt. 6; 4 PM)
December 10 Wellfleet Yule for Fuel at WHAT theater


July 13 Toronto, ON Catweazle Club (lawn outsde Roncesvalles Library, 6:45 PM)
July 15 Toronto, ON Annette Studios (566 Annette at Runnymede, 8 PM)
July 17 Kemptville, ON Street Piano Series, 1 PM


June 21 Truro Summer solstice dance at Truro Public Library
September 21 Eastham Fall equinox dance at Tom & Jasmine's
October 31 Wellfleet Samhain dance outside Holistic Health & Massage
December 4 Wellfleet Yule for Fuel at WHAT theater


March 16 Caerphilly UK (Wales) Rugby concert at Chris & Vitti’s
March 17 Caerphilly UK (Wales) House concert at Brenda’s
March 21 Oxford UK Feature set at the Catweazle Club
March 22 Oxford UK House concert at Josie's with the Hex Collective
March 23 Ashburton UK House concert at Jane & Alan's
March 25 Ashburton UK Intimate concert at Ashburton Arts
March 26 Dartington UK Interview with Rob Hopkins on Transition Culture and music
March 28 London UK Interview with Carl Honoré on music and the Slow movement
March 29 Tilburg NL House concert at Adrian’s
March 30 Leuven BE House concert at Dieter & Katrin's
March 31 Glabbeek BE House concert at Jan’s
April 5 Leuven BE Birthday concert at Liesbeth's
April 6 Leuven BE House concert at Mark’s
April 7 Leuven BE Afternoon concert at Flugzeug Music Art Design
April 10 Bouaye FR café librairie l'Equipage
April 11 Nantes FR Le bar île
April 12 Louvres FR Concert at chez Yves
April 14 Bermatingen DE House concert at Matthieu & Isabelle’s
April 18 Berlin DE Intimate concert at Apartment A
April 20 Berlin DE Intimate concert at >top with kids’ and adults’ sets
April 22 København DK House concert at Sófía’s with special guest another Michael Holt!
April 23 Lund SE House concert at Julian's
April 24 Tranås SE House concert at Matilda’s
April 25 Stockholm SE Intimate concert with Stök string trio (Norway) at Larry's Corner
April 26 Stockholm SE Birthday concert at Fredrik's
April 27 Stockholm SE House concert at Camilla's
April 30 Riga LV Rehumanizing Music conversation at House of Languages
April 30 Riga LV House concert at Snorre's
May 1 Riga LV House concert at the Braki commune
May 4 Västerås SE House concert at Kent & Anna's
May 5 Västerås SE Eating Music workshop at Carlforsska
May 10 South Orange NJ House concert at Vanessa & Brant's
May 11 Philadelphia PA The Locks at Sona with The Mommyheads
May 17 Charleston SC House concert at David & Caragh's
May 18 Charlotte NC House concert at Dan's
May 20 Athens GA House concert at Michael & Alexa’s
May 24 Atlanta GA House concert at Lillian's
May 25 Earthaven Ecovillage, NC House concert at Sue and Geoff Stones' Earthship
May 26 Asheville NC House concert at Cathy's
May 28 Bloomington IN Intimate Art Night concert with The Helbert Sisters at Untitled Light
May 29 Urbana IL House concert with Beth Simpson at Susan's
May 31 Kimball MN Cabin concert at Dani's
June 1 Minneapolis MN Rehumanizing Music workshop at Modus Locus 
June 1 Minneapolis MN House concert with Jerry Lefkowitz at Jerry's
June 2 Madison WI House concert at Sally & Isaac's
June 3 Madison WI House concert at Scott & Monica's
June 4 Madison WI Rehumanizing Music Workshop at Threshold
June 6 Cleveland OH House Concert at Malcom's
June 8 Springwater ON House concert at Coyote Crossing Farm
June 10 Toronto ON House concert at Andrew & Elizabeth’s
June 11 Toronto ON House concert at Sarah’s
June 12 Toronto ON Featured performance, Mulberry Artist Share at Philip's house
June 13 Ottawa ON House concert at Cat & Kit's
June 15 Montreal PQ House concert at Tim's
June 21 Lincoln MA House concert at Michelle's
June 22 Brooklyn NY Benefit concert for GOBK at Gideon & Julie's with the Ditty Committee.
June 28 Truro MA Homecoming concert at Lucy's


58 shows in 45 cities

Sep 8 Salem MA - Beach party house concert at Doug's
Sep 9 Manchester VT - House concert at Dan & Stacia's
Sep 10 Tamworth ON - Barn concert at Salmon River Art Studios
Sep 13 Toronto ON - House Concert with Don Kerr and The Kids at Bain Co-op
Sep 14 Barrie ON - House concert with Don Kerr and The Kids at Cassandra & Bryn's
Sep 15 Southfield MI - House concert at Cheryl's
Sep 17 South Haven MI - House concert at Christine's
Sep 19 River Falls WI - House concert at Derek's
Sep 20 River Falls WI - U.U. Church
Sep 22 Minneapolis MN - House concert at Louisa's
Sep 23 Madison WI - House concert at Frieda's
Sep 24 Madison WI - House concert at Sally's
Sep 28 Urbana IL - Coach house concert at Billy's
Sep 29 Bloomington IN - House Concert at Travis'
Oct 1 Rome GA - House concert at Lilian's
Oct 9 Bristol UK - House concert and theatre with Cath Brown at Sidika's 
Oct 10 Bristol UK - University of Bristol with Erik Sedore
Oct 12 Oxford UK - Feature performance at The Catweazle Club
Oct 13 Oxford UK - House concert and theatre with Cath Brown and Erik Sedore at Josie's
Oct 14 London UK - House concert and theatre with Cath Brown and Erik Sedore at Simon's
Oct 15 Dartington (Totnes) UK - Intimate concert with Erik Sedore, Michiel de Koning, Tess Mygatt and Chris J Smith at Schumacher College
Oct 16 Ashburton UK - House concert and theatre with Cath Brown at Emily's
Oct 17 Rattery UK - House concert at Steph's
Oct 18 Ashburton UK - House concert and theatre with Cath Brown at Sarah's
Oct 19 Brussels BE - House concert at Lana's
Oct 20 Leuven BE - House concert at Liesbeth's
Oct 21 Gent BE - Lekker GEC Bio-Vegetarisch Restaurant
Oct 22 Linden (Lubbeek) BE - House concert at Emmy's
Oct 24 Gent BE - Intimate concert at Kolder artist-run space
Oct 25 Gentbrugge BE - Intimate concert at De Zuidkant
Oct 26 Leuven BE - House concert with Stephanie de Wolf Beerlings at Koen's
Oct 27 Leuven BE - Birthday house concert at Desmond's
Oct 28 Sint-Truiden BE - Intimate concert at GURU
Oct 29 Wezemaal (Rotselaar) BE - House concert at Wouter's
Nov 1 Riga LV - University of Latvia Aula Magna
Nov 4 Berlin DE - Intimate concert at Der Kanal (Weisestraße 59), 8PM https://derkanal.wordpress.com
Nov 5 Berlin DE - House concert at Patrick's
Nov 9 Werther DE - House concert at Marcus & Johanna's
Nov 10 Hamburg DE - House concert at Mimi's
Nov 11 Copenhagen DK - Ananda Marga Yoga Centre
Nov 12 Copenhagen DK - Afternoon house concert at Jeff's
Nov 13 - 19 Tranås SE - Writer's residency at Kultivera
Nov 17 Tranås SE - Intimate concert at Plan B
Nov 20 Stockholm SE - House concert at Erik's
Nov 22 Athens GA - House Concert at Mike Wegner's
Nov 24 Black Mountain NC - House Concert at Earthaven Ecovillage
Nov 25 Asheville NC - House Concert at Cathy's
Nov 26 Durham NC - House concert at Dan's
Nov 28 Charlotte NC - House concert at Jim & Daisy's
Nov 30 Baltimore MD - Intimate concert at 2640 Space
Dec 1 Pittsburgh PA - House Concert at Maren's 
Dec 2 Pittsburgh PA - House concert at Amy & Ian's
Dec 3 Scranton PA - House concert at Mandy's
Dec 6 Brooklyn NY - House concert with The Ditty Committee at Gideon & Julia's
Dec 7 South Orange NJ - House concert at Vanessa & Brant's
Dec 8 Leicester VT - House concert at Jeff's
Dec 9 Albany NY - House concert at Dan & Heather's
Dec 11 Brooklyn NY - House concert at Michael & Robin's
Dec 14 Wellfleet MA - Intimate concert at The Wellfleet Public Library


March 12 Kingston NY - Potluck and intimate concert at The Lace Mill 
March 14 State College PA - Friends and Farmers Coop appreciation dinner at The Meetinghouse
March 16 Oberlin OH - House concert with Hassan Allen at Andru & Sarah's
March 18 Southfield MI - House concert, dancing and open stage at Cheryl's
March 19 South Haven MI - Concert at Lee Street Listening House
March 23 Bloomington IN - House concert at Travis' with Upfolk
March 25 Madison WI - House concert at Scott & Monica's with Beth Simpson
March 30 Urbana IL - "You Had to Be There" – house theatre with School For Designing a Society at Susan's
March 31 Urbana IL - Song swap conversation at Billy's
April 1 Urbana IL - "You Had to Be There" – house theatre with School For Designing a Society at Susan's
April 3 Rome GA - Potluck and bedroom concert at Hillery's
April 6 Asheville NC - Potluck, house concert and salon with Charles Eisenstein at Cathy's
April 7-10 Flat Rock NC - Space Between The Stories Retreat with Charles Eisesnstein
April 10 Durham NC - House concert at Catherine's
April 15 Stockholm SE - Album release concert at Fylkingen with Fredrik af Trampe
April 16 - 22 Tranås SE - Book-writing residency at Kultivera
April 21 Tranås SE - Concert at Svalan home for Afghan refugees
April 24 Malmö SE - House concert at Filippa, Jackie, Oscar, and Max's
April 25 Copenhagen DK - House concert at Jeff's
April 28 Knabstrup DK - Intimate concert at Makvaerket
April 29 Copenhagen DK - Vegetarian dinner, meditation, and intimate concert at Ananda Marga Yoga Centre
May 1 Hamburg DE - Afternoon house concert at Mimi's
May 4 Werther DE - House concert Marcus and Johanna’s
May 5 Berlin DE - House concert at Patrick's
May 6 Strasbourg FR - Birthday concert at Janine's
May 7 Reims FR - AQUATINSONG house concert at Olivia's
May 8 Brussels BE - House concert at Ralph’s
May 10 Sint Amandsberg BE - Intimate concert at Cohousing De Schilders
May 11 Gent BE - House concert at Lucie's
May 12 Liège BE - Afternoon music at Bring Your Mug Café
May 12 Fontin BE - House concert at Maison Maldoror
May 13 Leuven BE - House concert at Koen Van Wonterghem’s
May 14 Leuven BE - Pereboomstraat Block Party
May 15 Lille FR - House concert with David Celia and Marla at chez Judicael et Nathalie
May 16 Buckfastleigh UK - Storytelling workshop with Stephanie Bradley
May 17 Dartington UK - Kitchen concert at Emma & Rob Hopkins'
May 18 Truro UK - House concert at Heather & Jonathan's
May 22 Glastonbury UK - House concert at Pendragon Community
May 25 Street UK - "Other Side The Cave" – a one act play with Cath Brown at Helen's
May 26 Oxford UK - "Other Side The Cave" with Cath Brown at Catweazle Club
May 28 Columbia MD - House concert at Dan and Heather's with Daniel Davidoff and Matt DeBeal
June 1 Baltimore MD - 2640 Space with The Jennifers and Batworth Stone
June 4 Brooklyn NY - House concert with Alice Bierhorst at Alice's
June 5 Bronx NY - House concert at Paul & Cathy's
June 6 Kingston NY - Potluck and intimate concert at The Lace Mill 
June 11 Salem MA - House concert, potluck and beach party at Doug's
June 12 Lincoln MA - House concert at Jon & Katherine's
June 16 Toronto ON - Help Cora Kick Lyme benefit concert at Friends House with Bob Wisemen, Marker Starling, Ronley Teper's Lipliners, David Celia Band, Michael Holt & The Kids.
June 17 Barrie ON - House concert at Cassandra & Brynn's 
June 23 Ripton VT - House concert and potluck at Jeff's
June 24 Billerica MA - House concert at Jude & Laurel's
June 25 Cambridge MA - House concert with Heather Scott and Taylor Holland at Heather and Sam's
June 26 Jamaica Pain MA - Dinner concert with Heather Scott and Taylor Holland at Jamaica Plain Cohousing

(4 months, 9 countries, 54 cities, 67 concerts)

March 1 Pittsburgh PA - House concert at Amy and Ian's
March 4 Berkley MI - House concert at Ken's
March 5 South Haven MI - Round Everett at the Warren Center
March 6 South Haven MI - Foundry Hall at the Warren Center
March 7 Madison WI - House concert at Matthew's
March 9 Madison WI - House concert and teen jam at Hans, Emily, and Kitzi’s
March 12 Ashland NE - House concert at Melissa's
March 13 Springfield MO - House concert at Adam and Casey’s
March 14 Dexter MO - House concert at Tom and Pat's
March 15 Rome GA - Intimate concert at Makerspace
March 16 Athens GA - House concert and potluck at Michael & Alexa’s
March 18 Asheville NC - House concert at Cathy's
March 19 Asheville NC - House concert with Searra Gisondo and Noah Stockade at Possum Splendor
March 22 Charlotte NC - House concert at Jim and Daisy's
March 25 Washington DC - House concert at Ellyn and Weiss'
March 26 Harrisburg PA - Birthday concert at Charles and Stella’s
March 27 Baltimore MD - House concert with The Jennifers at John's
March 28 Union NJ - House concert at Dave's
March 29 West Orange NJ - Intimate concert at West Orange Public Library
April 3 Stockholm SE - House concert at Burt's 
April 4 Online - Live performance in Charles Eisenstein webinar http://spacebetweenstories.net
April 7 Stockholm, SE - House concert at Erik Brodin’s
April 8 Tranas, SE - House concert at Matts and Susanne's
April 9 Copenhagen DK - Intimate dinner concert at Ananda Marga Yoga Centre
April 10 Copenhagen DK - House concert at Jeff's
April 11 Hamburg DE - House concert Dagmar's
April 12 Bielefeld DE - Work party at Gerd's
April 16 Werther DE - House concert Marcus and Johanna’s
April 17 Berlin DE - House concert Thomas’
April 18 Frankfurt DE - House concert Sibylle’s
April 19 Strasbourg FR - House concert at Janine’s
April 22 Perugia IT - House concert at Els'
April 26 Pianoro (Bologna) IT - House concert at Alessia's
April 27 Pescolido IT - Dinner concert at Italy Farm Stay
April 28 Pescolido IT - Dinner concert at Italy Farm Stay
April 29 Parma IT - House concert at Elisabetta’s
April 30 Monterubbiano Mare IT - Intimate concert at Il Vicolo theatre
May 3 Rezé FR - House concert at chez Jean-Michel et Véronique
May 5 Nantes FR - House concert at chez Amelie
May 6 Nantes FR - House concert at chez Sébastien's
May 7 Nantes FR - House concert at chez Philippe et Véro
May 8 Nantes FR - House concert at chez Isabelle et Thierry
May 9 Sint-Amandsberg BE - House concert at Steven's
May 11 Liege BE - House concert at Agathe’s
May 13 Leuven BE - House concert at Koen Renders’
May 14 Sint-Amandsberg BE - House concert at Isabel’s
May 15 Rotselaar BE - House concert at Sam & Karlien's
May 16 Brussels BE - House concert at Gudrun and Roel’s
May 17 Balegem, Oost-Vlaanderen BE - In-en ontspanningsdag n° 11: A permaculture gathering
May 21 Leuven BE - House concert at Koen Van Wonterghem’s
May 22 Vissenaken BE - Birthday house concert at Heleen’s
May 23 Vissenaken BE (morning) - Breakfast concert at Heleen’s
May 23 London UK (evening) - House concert at Simon’s
May 24 Dartington UK - Madhatter Tea Party Concert by the fire, and candlelit piano mediation at Schumacher College
May 28 Oxford UK - Feature performance at Catweazle Club
May 30 Swindon UK - House concert at Steve and Deborah's with Mister Love and Justice
June 1 Glastonbury UK - House concert with Pinkie at Pendragon Community
June 6 Beacon NY - Dan's 50th birthday concert at Dan & Jen's 
June 11 Wellfleet MA - Intimate concert at Preservation Hall
June 12 Billerica MA - House concert at Jude and Laurel's 
June 13 Salem MA - Family Music Night at Doug and Carrie’s
June 19 Jamaica Plain MA - Intimate concert at Jamaica Plain Co-housing
June 20 Pownal VT - House concert at Jackie's 
June 26 Montreal QC - House concert at Marc & Sebastien's
June 27 Barrie ON - House concert at Cassandra’s
June 28 Stratford ON - Dinner concert at Monforte on Wellington. 
June 29 Toronto ON - House concert at Cora's

(66 events in 55 cities)

Sep 6 - BILLERICA MA - House Concert at Jude & Laurel's
Sep 7 - LINCOLN MA - House Concert at Jon & Katherine's
Sep 8 - BOSTON MA - Intimate Concert at Jamaica Plain Co-housing 
Sep 9 - PORTSMOUTH NH - The Red Door
Sep 10 - FALMOUTH ME - House Concert at Leslie's
Sep 11 - BURLINGTON VT - House Concert at Dean & Cindy's with Sid Corren
Sep 12 - HULL QC - Mansion Concert at Katie's with Kelsey McNulty 
Sep 13 - NORTH HATLEY QC - House Concert at Peter's
Sep 19 - TORONTO ON - House Concert at Cora's
Sep 20 - TORONTO ON - Music and Inspiration Gathering with the Jeremiah Community
Sep 21 - TORONTO ON - A Junction Function - House Concert at Tanya's with Tanya Philipovich
Sep 22 - PETERBOROUGH ON - Circle Making and Intimate Concert and at the Purple Onion Festival
Sep 23 - SOUTHFIELD MI - House Concert at Cheryl's with Susan Sunshine
Sep 24 - SOUTH HAVEN MI - House Concert at Sandra's with Andru Bemis
Sep 26 - MADISON WI - House Concert at Mathew's 
Sep 27 - CHICAGO IL - House Concert at Sebastian Ellefson's
Sep 28 - BLOOMINGTON IN - House Concert at Sean's
Sep 30 - SPRINGFIELD MO - House Concert at Phil & Grace's
Oct 2 - RED OAK TX - Birthday Concert at Jodi & Michael's
Oct 3 - AUSTIN TX - House Concert at Dan & Rosie's
Oct 4 - AUSTIN TX - Birthday Concert at Sebastian Bell's
Oct 5 - ROME GA - House Concert at Hillery's
Oct 6 - ATHENS GA - House Concert at Michael and Alexa’s
Oct 8 - ASHEVILLE NC - Birthday Concert at Cathy's
Oct 9 - EARTHAVEN ECOVILLAGE NC - House Concert at Arjuna’s
Oct 10 - MONROE NC - House Concert at Chuck's
Oct 11 - RALEIGH NC - House Concert at Ricky’s with Ricky Nelson
Oct 12 - WASHINGTON DC - House Warming Concert at Ellyn & Bob's
Oct 13 - BALTIMORE MD - House Concert at John's with The Jennifers (unplugged)
Oct 14 - PITTSBURGH PA - House Concert at Amy & Ian's
Oct 18 - BROOKLYN NY - House Concert at Oren's
Oct 19 - BROOKLYN NY - House Concert at Colin & Becky's with The Ditty Committee
Oct 20 - BROOKLYN NY - House Concert at Isaac & Jyllian's
Oct 23 - STOCKHOLM SWEDEN - House Concert at Erik Brodin's
Oct 24 - PITEA - Songwriting Workshop at Musikhögskolan i Piteå
Oct 26 - ESKILSTUNA - House Concert at Hirviland
Oct 27 - LEKSAND - House Concert at Kevin Jarvis’
Oct 29 - TRANAS - Music and Inspiration Gathering at Studie Främjandet with Transition Tranås
Oct 30 - MALMO - Intimate Concert at Ekolivs Natural Foods Co-op
Oct 31 - COPENHAGEN DENMARK - Intimate Concert at Ananda Marga Yoga Centre
Nov 1 - LEIPZIG GERMANY - House Concert at Christine & Sebastian's
Nov 2 - BERLIN - Intimate Concert at Der Kanal
Nov 3 - BERLIN - House Concert at Patrick & Janine's
Nov 5 - WERTHER - House Concert at Marcus & Johanna's
Nov 7 - HAMBURG - House Concert at Mimi's
Nov 8 - HAMBURG - House Concert at Dagmar's
Nov 9 - KIEL - House Concert at Suse's
Nov 10 - BORDESHOLM - House Concert at Christine's
Nov 12 - STRASBOURG FRANCE - House Concert at Janine's
Nov 13 - REIMS - House Concert at Jean-Pierre's
Nov 14 - LA MADELEINE - House Concert at Sylvia's
Nov 15 - LA MADELEINE - Birthday Concert at Julien's
Nov 16 - ZEVENEKEN BELGIUM - House Concert at Marieke's
Nov 17 - GENT - Morning Aperitif Concert at Steven's
Nov 18 - GENT - Slow Food and Music Gathering at De Zuidkant
Nov 21 - RUPELMONDE - House Concert at Evy's with Mark Van Neygen
Nov 22 - LEUVEN - Birthday Concert at Koen's
Nov 23 - BRUSSELS - House Concert at Ralph’s
Nov 24 - GENK - House Concert at Roberto’s
Nov 26 - RATTERY ENGLAND - House Concert and Jam at Jan & Allen's
Nov 27 - PLYMOUTH - House Concert at Clare's
Nov 28 - OXFORD - Featured Performance at Catweazle Club
Nov 30 - LUBENHAM - House Concert at Judith and Vince’s
Dec 1 - LONDON - The Telegraph Pub
Dec 4 - LONDON - House Concert at Sofia's with Daniel
Dec 7 - BILLERICA MA - House Concert at Jude & Laurel's
Dec 9 - PROVINCETOWN MA - Featured Performance at The Mews Coffeehouse

MINITOUR - November 2013

Nov 9 Ripon QC - House Concert at Margueritte's
Nov 10 Kingston ON - Eating Music workshop at Skill Share festival 
Nov 10 Kingston ON - House concert at Hillery & James'
Nov 11 Ottawa ON - House concert at Jennifer's

TRANSITION CULTURE TOUR In support of the Transition Towns sustainability movement, Spring/Summer 2012 (38 events in 31 cities)

June 5 Falun, Sweden - Concert, press conference, and conversation about Seaside Festival's Transition theme - at Didu
June 8 Stockholm, Sweden - House concert-salon at Rikard's with Cecilia Klingspor and Carl-Martin Johberg from TransitionStockholm
June 9 Falun, Swedend - Seaside Festival with Transition Theme (http://www.seasidefestivalen.se)
June 10 Leksand, Sweden - House concert-salon at Kevin Jarvis' with Transition Leksand (http://transitionsweden.ning.com/group/omstllningleksand)
June 11 Sommen, Sweden - Living room concert and community visioning session at Frida Gårdmo's with TransitionTrånas
June 13 Åbenrå, Denmark - Transition concert-salon at Højskole Østersøen folk high-school
June 14 Copenhagen, Denmark - Concert-salon at Det Økologiske Inspirationshus (http://www.byoko.dk) with Erik Lemcke from Transition Frederiksberg 
June 15 Fejø, Denmark - Concert-salon at Mick and Anne's corn loft with Fejø Transition (http://transitiondenmark.ning.com/group/fejomstilling)
June 16 Goettingen, Germany - House concert-salon at Freimut's with Transition Town Goettingen (http://www./tt-goettingen.de)
June 17 Hamburg, Germany - Garden concertat Dagmar's with David Celia and Miriam Schell
June 19 Bielefeld, Germany - Transition concert at Saal in der Bürgerwache with Transition Town Bielefeld (http://www.ttbielefeld.de)
June 20 Werther, Germany - House concert-salon at Markus' and Johanna's toward starting a local Transition initiative
June 21 Berlin, Germany - Concert and introduction to Transitionat Der Kanal photo gallery 
June 22 Bonn, Germany - House concert at Koltzi's with guest speaker Kurt Konnow from Transition Town Bonn (http://www.transition-initiativen.de/group/bonn-im-wandel)
June 23 Tervuren, Belgium - House concert-salon with TransitionTervuren (http://www.tervuren.transitie.be
June 24 Bruge, Belgium - Transition house concert-salon at Laurent & Nicole's 
June 25 Brussels/Saint-Gilles, Belgium - Potluck dinner and couch concert at Ralph's with folks from the local transitioninitiative - their 1st public event (http://www.bit.ly/M153q7)
June 26 Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-Waver, Belgium - Grand piano restoration inaugural concert with Koen Renders at Ursulazaal, Sint-Ursula Instituut
June 27 Sint-Amandsberg, Belgium - Potluck dinner and house concert-salon at Steven's with folks fromTransition Gent (http://www.gent.transitie.be)
June 28 Gent, Belgium - House concert-salon at Lucie Evers fromTransition Gent (http://www.gent.transitie.be)
June 29 Vissenaken, Belgium - Barn concert and Transitionpowerpoint presentation at Heleen's 
June 30 Sint Truiden, Belgium - House concert-salon at Chambre D'amis with folks from local Transition initiatives
July 1 Gentbrugge, Belgium - Potluck lunch, and concert-salon at Ellen's with folks from Transition Gent (http://www.gent.transitie.be)
July 2 Lille, France - Cooking and music party at Nicholas' withTransition conversation 
July 3 London, England - Polytunnel concert at Transition / Grow Heathrow, conversation about gender relations within the residential community
July 4 North London, England - Concert and conversation at Forks with Transition Dartmouth Park
July 5 Eynsham, England - House concert-salon at Adrian and Sue's with Transition Eynsham
July 6 North London, England - Concert-salon with TransitionFinsbury Park at Islington Ecology Centre
July 7 North London, England - Transition Culture Tea and polytunnel concert in Meadow Orchard with Transition Crouch End (http://TransitionCrouchEnd.org.uk)
July 8 Peterborough, England - Concert-salon with Peterborough in Transition at The Green Backyard community garden
July 9 Evesham, England - Concert and Open Space Event at Quaker Meeting House with Transition Evesham Vale
July 10 High Wycombe, England - Meal and concert at Wycombe Environment Centre with Transition Town High Wycombe (www.transition-wycombe.org.uk)
July 11 Plymouth, England - Potluck dinner and concert-salon with Transition Plymouth at Cafe In The Park
July 12 North London, England - House concert-salon at Tanya's with High Barnertt Green Home Zone (http://www.greenhomezone.org)
July 16 South London, England - House concert-salon at Brian & Bridget's with Transition New Cross, conversation about how to prepare children for coming global changes
July 19 Oxford, England - Feature performance at Catweazle Club 
July 20 Garðabær, Iceland Transition concert-salon at Andrea's
July 21 Reykjavik, Iceland Transition concert-salon at Björg's


Jan 8 Toronto – House concert at Gary & Anne Armstrong's
Jan 12 NepeanON - House Concert at Melanie Reid's
Jan 14 Brooklyn  – House Concert at Alice Bierhorst's


Dec 09 – NYC – Mercury Lounge with The Mommyheads
Dec 11 - New York, NY - Chamber music concert and art show at Michael and Vika's Upper West Side apartment, with paintings by Sergey Dikovsky http://dikovsky.us/ - my music orchestrated for piano, strings, and woodwinds
Dec 13 - Brooklyn, NY - House concert and birthday party for Gideon at Gideon & Julie’s
Dec 14 - Brooklyn, NY - Harmony singing lesson at Gideon & Julie’s
Dec 16 - Brooklyn, NY - House concert with Michael Esterowitz at Michael & Robin's
Dec 18 - Truro, MA - Homecoming house concert at Mom & Dad's
Dec 19 - Provincetown, MA - Coffeehouse at The Mews (feature performance)

(62 events in 42 cities)

Sep 15 - Portsmouth, NH - “See you later, Summer” living room concert at Pam & Guy's with The Farthest Forests
Sep 16 - Boston, MA - Community dinner and concert at Jamaica Plain Co-housing
Sep 17 - North Adams, MA - Barn concert at Karl's with The Mommyheads
Sep 19 - Rheinbeck, NY - Trailer concert for Omega Institute staff at The Dharma Bus
Sep 20 - Brookline, VT - Barn concert with Dan Seiden and Dew Dew at Dan & Stacia’s
Sep 24 - Baltimore, MD - House concert with John & Joe from The Jennifers at John's
Sep 25 - Baltimore, MD - Improvisational Cooking Group at Trish & Lawrence's
Sep 28 - Charlotte, NC - Intimate concert at Century Vintage antique and clothing store
Sep 29 - Boone, NC - Concert and jam at the Crestwood Inn
Sep 30 - Black Mountain, NC - House concert and theatre piece preview at Pripo & Rainbow's Rosy Branch Farm
Oct 02 - Athens, GA - House concert and potluck with Whisper Kiss at Caroline's.
Oct 04 - Athens, GA - Improvisational Cooking Group at Mike’s
Oct 07 - Bloomington, IN - Intimate classroom concert/pillow party With Kati Gleiser and others at Indiana University
Oct 09 - Pittsburgh, PA - House concert at Amy & Ian's with Ricky Bruening
Oct 10 - Toronto - Canadian Thanksgiving Dinner and concert at Gary & Anne's
Oct 11 - Toronto - Vegan potluck / salon / house concert at Valerie's, with Bob Wiseman, and debate on veganism instigated by Paul York.
Oct 13 - Toronto - Salon / house concert at Chris' with David Celia and conversation on making our own culture.
Oct 14 - Springwater - House concert at Heather's with Calamity Royale
Oct 15 - Ottawa - Improvisational Cooking Group and house concert at Christine's
Oct 16 - Ottawa - Kid-friendly house concert with Andre M. Bluteau at Dave & Melanie’s
Oct 17 - Kingston - Dinner and concert at Hillery’s
Oct 19 – Toronto – Hugh’s Room – CD Release show for Michelle Rumball
Oct 23 - Brooklyn, NY - Improvisational cooking group and kids' concert/jam at Laurie & Dan's
Oct 28 - New York, NY - Halloween house concert at Michael & Vika's with paintings by Sergey Dikovsky http://dikovsky.us/ 
Nov 01 - Stockholm, Sweden - House gig with poetry and several other per formers at Erik's
Nov 03 - Stockholm, SWEDEN - House concert / salon at Anders’ - conversation on how folks use and relate to music
Nov 04 - Saltsjöbaden, SWEDEN - House concert / salon at Per & Amy's - Per will talk about his work at http://www.stockholmresilience.org/
Nov 07 - Malmo, SWEDEN - Intimate concert at Discrete Motion recording studio with members of Since Our First Guitar
Nov 08 - Kiel, GERMANY - House concert at Suze's
Nov 09 - Kiel, GERMANY - Sing-along at Waldhaus
Nov 10 - Bordesholm, GERMANY - House concert at Christine's
Nov 11 - Hamburg, GERMANY - Intimate concert at Juniton recording studio
Nov 12 - Hannover, GERMANY - “House Concert Hannover #6” at Julia’s, with potluck dinner
Nov 13 - Berlin, GERMANY - House concert with Patrick Blanke & Andru Davis at Patrick & Janine's
Nov 14 - Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC – Singing in the weekly jam at Asylum
Nov 15 - Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC – House concert and jam at The Boat
Nov 16 - Bonn, GERMANY - Bedroom concert at Koltzi's
Nov 17 - Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS - Intimate concert and theatre at www.thedarling.nl with Tea Cosy Arts http://www.youtube.com/user/Visualbrother?blend=2&ob=5#p/u/0/Nd0TT42309U 
Nov 18 - Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS - Boat concert and theatre aboard the Tricky Theater with Tea Cosy Arts
Nov 19 - Leuven, BELGIUM - House concert with The Love Compartment at Peter's
Nov 21 - Lille, FRANCE - House concert at Sylvie's
Nov 22 - Rupelmonde, BELGIUM - Kitchen concert at Koen's
Nov 24 - Maastricht, NETHERLANDS - Intimate basement concert at Landouwbelang
Nov 25 - Liege, BELGIUM - Intimate Concert aboard La Legia
Nov 26 - Gent, BELGIUM - House concert at Bordel Musical
Nov 27 - Gent, BELGIUM - Intimate concert at Soiree Variete
Nov 28 - Drongen, BELGIUM - Birthday party at Mareike's
Nov 29 - Leuven, Belgium - House concert and theatre with Tea Cosy Arts at the University of Leuven philosophy department's Salons lounge 
Nov 30 - Sint Truiden, Belgium - House concert and theatre at Chambre D'Amis with Tea Cosy Arts
Dec 01 - London, ENGLAND - (Rehearsing with Bacalao Performance Company)
Dec 02 - London, ENGLAND - (Rehearsing with Bacalao)
Dec 03 - Swindon, ENGLAND - House concert with Mister Love & Justice at Steve & Deborah's
Dec 04 - London, ENGLAND - Music and theatre piece with Bacalao at Rob & Marianne's house
Dec 06 - London, ENGLAND - Music and theatre piece with Bacalao at Martha's house
Dec 08 - Reykjavik, ICELAND - Intimate piano gathering at Hotel Natura 

EUROPE TOUR - Spring 2011

Mar 29 Stockholm, Sweden LOCH & QUAY
April 02 Stockholm, Sweden CAFE FENIX 
April 05 Malmo, Sweden GLASSFABRIKEN 
April 06 Kiel, Germany HOUSE CONCERT AT SUSE'S 
April 07 Berlin, Germany INTERSOUP
April 11 Hamburg, Germany KLUB K
April 14 Sint Armandsberg, Belgium HOUSE CONCERT AT DIRK'S
April 15 Hoeilaart, Belgium HOUSE CONCERT: GEMEENTEPLEIN16
April 17 Brussells, Belgium HOUSE CONCERT: ZONDAG BRENGT
April 20 Bunsbeek, Belgium SUGARBEAT SESSIONS 
April 21 Ghent, Belgium FONKYTUUR
April 22 Rupelmonde, Belgium 'T GILDENHIUS 
April 23 Lille, France HOUSE CONCERT AT SYLVIE'S with full chamber group
April 29 Ghent, Belgium MOLOTOV
April 30 Sint Truiden, Belgium HOUSE CONCERT: CHAMBRE D'AMIS 


Jan 06 Canton CT Flatbread Restaurant
Jan 7 Hudson NY Club Helsinki (Mommyheads)
Jan 8 North Adams MA House Concert at Jason and Sarah's
Jan 9 Stockbridge MA The Lion's Den @ The Red Lion Inn
Jan 10 Provincetown MA The Mews
Jan 11 North Truro MA Truro Community Center

U.S./CANADA TOUR - Fall 2010

Oct 24 Toronto ON The Tranzac with Ronley Teper   
Oct 26 Ottawa ON Cafe Umi with Lisa Poushinsky
Oct 27 Montreal QC Le Cagibi with Sapo and Caroline Glass   
Oct 28 Burlington VT Muddy Waters with Sid Corren   
Oct 29 Brookline VT Noelle's Birthday with Dan Seiden   
Oct 30 Newmarket NH The Stone Church with Adam Ezra (Mommyheads)
Nov 03 Wellfleet MA The Library
Nov 04 New York NY Catweazle club @ A Gathering Of The Tribes   
Nov 05 Scranton PA Northern Light
Nov 07 Pittsburgh PA House concert at Claire Westbrook's with Mark Dignam   
Nov 11 Charleston WV The Empty Glass   
Nov 12 Black Mountain NC Earthaven Council Hall   
Nov 13 Boone NC The Lounge at Crestwood   
Nov 14 Athens GA House concert at Patrick Carey's with The Ginger Envelope   
Nov 15 Asheville NC French Broad Chocolates
Nov 16 Chapel Hill NC The Cave   
Nov 17 Raleigh NC King’s Barcade with Desmonds and The Numbers 
Nov 18 Richmond VA Sprout with Michael Miracle and the Better Not Make Outs
Nov 19 Washington DC The Cornerstore   
Nov 20 Baltimore MD The Windup Space with The Jennifers   
Nov 22 Jersey City NJ 1PM Live on WFMU 91.1FM
Nov 22 New York NY Googie's Lounge with Chris Merritt   
Nov 27 Wellfleet MA Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater 
Nov 28 Medford MA The Friendly Square
Nov 29 Amesbury MA Flatbread Restaurant

EUROPE TOUR - Spring/Summer 2010

Jun 01 Stockholm, Sweden Hotel Hellsten   
Jun 03 V‰sterÂs, Sweden Summercamp Festival
Jun 05 Stockholm, Sweden Noel's   
Jun 06 Malmˆ, Sweden Glassfabriken 
Jun 11 Helenaveen, Netherlands Live on Radio L1 at Eetcafé De Halte 
Jun 14 Maastricht, Netherlands Landouwbelang 
Jun 16 Lille, France L'Olibrius   
Jun 17 Ghent, Belgium Fonky Tuur 
Jun 18 Rupelmonde, Belgium 't Gildenhuis with Little Birdie 
Jun 20 Berlin, Germany Fuchs Und Elster 
Jun 21 Berlin, Germany Hotel Michelberger with Send More Cats  
Jun 24 Berlin, Germany Pizza a Pezzi
Jun 25 Larz, Germany Fusion Festival
Jun 26 Berlin, Germany Akademy for Psychotherapy  
Jun 28 Ghent, Belgium Cafe Video with Rue Royale
Jul 03 Falmouth, UK Jacob's Ladder Inn 
Jul 04 Truro, UK Vertigo 
Jul 06 London, UK Catweazle Club London 
Jul 07 Swindon, UK The Beehive 
Jul 08 Oxford, UK Catweazle Club Oxford 
Jul 09 London, UK The Telegraph Pub 
Jul 11 Norwich, UK The Cider Shed 
Jul 14 London, UK The 12 Bar Club with Matt Sage 

1ST EUROPE TOUR - November 2009 

- Nov 5 Stockholm, Sweden Underbara Bar with The Edmonton AylersGöran Klintberg, and Liny Wood 
- Nov 7 Stockholm, Sweden Polar Studio with The Edmonton AylersGöran Klintberg, and Liny Wood
- Nov 8 Hamburg, Germany - Astra Stube with Richard Von Der Shulenburg  
- Nov 9 Berlin, Germany - Erika Und Hilde  
- Nov 11 Berlin, Germany - Fuchs & Elster
- Nov 12 Lille, France - L’olibrius  
- Nov 14 Antwerp, Belgium - Novonov with S.W.A.N.  
- Nov 15 Maastricht, Netherlands - Café Zondag  
- Nov 16 Bunsbeek near Tienen, Belgium - Sugarbeat
- Nov 18 Faversham, UK - Faversham Folk Club @ The Chimney Boy with Dick Gaughan  
- Nov 19 Oxford, UK - Catweazle Club
- Nov 20 Bradford, UK - Raggalds County Inn  
- Nov 24 London, UK - The 12 Bar Club  
- Nov 25 Swindon, UK - The Beehive   
- Nov 26 Oxford, UK - Catweazle Club 
- Nov 27 Oxford, UK -  Queen Of Clubs Cabaret @ Holywell Music Room

U.S. AND CANADA TOUR - Fall 2009

- Sep 19 Schenectady NY - Moon and River Cafe with The Riverview Ramblers  
- Sep 24 Toronto ON The Tranzac
- Sep 25 Ottawa ON -  Avant Garde Bar with Lisa Poushinsky and Craig Pedersen  
- Sep 26 Montreal PQ - The Yellow Door with Molly Sweeney and Denny Flanagan   
- Sep 27 Putney VT - Putney Community Center with Dan Seiden  
- Sep 28 Portsmouth NH - The Red Door with Guy Capecelatro III and Anna Vogelzang  
- Sep 30 Wellfleet MA - Wellfleet Public Library  
- Oct 2 Boston MA - The Lily Pad with Lee Feldman and Dan Bryk  
- Oct 3 Beacon NY - Howland Cultural Center with Jen Clapp  
- Oct 4 Beacon NY - Beacon Farmers Market  
- Oct 4 Brooklyn NY - Freddy's Back Room with Lee Feldman and Dan Bryk  
- Oct 6 Philadelphia PA - Milkboy Coffee Bryn Mawr  
- Oct 7 Baltimore MD - The Hexagon with The Jennifers  
- Oct 8 Washington DC - House Concert at Ellyn Weiss'  
- Oct 9 Raleigh NC - Marsh Woodwinds with The Desmonds  
- Oct 10 Charlotte NC - Patchwerk Playhaus  
- Oct 11 Asheville NC - Firestorm
- Oct 11 Athens GA - House Concert at Mike Wegners'
- Oct 14 Nashville, TN - The Basement  
- Oct 15 Bloomington, IN Rachaels Cafe with Tommy Ramone  
- Oct 17 Pittsburgh PA Bloomfield Bridge Tavern with Pete Bush And The Hoi Polloi  
- Oct 19 Scranton PA - Northern Light Espresso Bar  
- Nov 1 Brooklyn, NY - Barbès with The Ditty, Chris Rael, and 101 Crustaceans  
- Nov 2 Jersey City, NJ - 4PM Live on WFMU 91.1FM


- Sep 25 Toronto ON - The Tranzac with Chris Warren 
- Sep 26 Ottawa ON - House concert at Brian Simm's with Sarah Hallman and Brian Simms 
- Sep 27 Montreal PQ - The Yellow Door with Willow Rutherford and Andreane Leclerc 
- Sep 28 Putney VT - Putney Community Center with Dan Seiden and friends 
- Sep 29 Portsmouth NH - The Flatbread Restaurant
- Sep 29 Portsmouth NH - The Red Door with Guy Capecelatro III and Greg Porter
- Sep 30 Wellfleet MA - Wellfleet Public Library with Erik Pearson and Sonya Hunter  
- Oct 1 Manhattan NY - Googies Lounge with Alice Bierhorst and Mark Lawrence 
- Oct 4 Beacon NY - Zuzu's Coffe House with David Celia
- Oct 5 Beacon NY - Beacon Farmers Market with David Celia
- Oct 5 Troy NY live on WRPI 91.5FM with David Celia
- Oct 6 Manhattan NY - Birdland Jim Caruso's Cast party with David Celia
- Oct 7 Baltimore MD - MICA Art Institute with David Celia
- Oct 8 Baltimore MD - The Wind Up Space with The Jennifers, Person Parcel, and David Celia
- Oct 9 Chapel hill NC - The Cave with Dan Bryk and David Celia
- Oct 10 Wilmington NC - The Soapbox Laundro Lounge with Mark Lawrence, Dan Bryk and David Celia 
- Oct 11 Charlotte NC - The Patchwerk Playhaus with Dan Bryk and David Celia 
- Oct 12 Athens GA - House Concert at Patrick Carey's with The Ginger Envelope, Druid City, Madeline, and David Celia
- Oct 13 Chattanooga TN - House Concert at Charles Allison's with Land Camera
- Oct 14 Nashville TN - The Basement New Faces Night
- Oct 16 Springfield MO - Park Central Library with Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin and Grace Bentley
- Oct 17 Springfield MO - The Outland with Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin and Go Kart Mozart 
- Oct 18 St louis MO - Pop's Blue Moon with Cameron Matthwes and Billy Dechand
- Oct 19 Bloomington IN - Rachael's Cafe 
- Oct 21 Pittsburgh PA - Dave Cubie's Studio
- Oct 23 Brooklyn NY - Barbès with 101 Crustaceans
- Nov 8 Cambridge MA - The Lily Pad Pianofest '08
- Nov 21 Toronto ON - back home at The Tranzac!


AUG 30 HOUSE PARTY, OTTAWA ON --  w Sarah Hallman
AUG 31 LE CAGIBI, MONTREAL QC --  with Snailhouse (Mike Feuerstack of Wooden Stars)
SEP 3 THE RED DOOR, PORTSMOUTH NH -- with Guy Capecelatro III
SEP 4 THE LIBRARY, WELLFLEET MA -- with Peter Donnelly
SEP 5 TWO BOOTS, BRIDGEPORT CT -- with Philistines Jr and The Zambonis
SEP 7 CHTHONIC CLASH, BEACON NY --  with David Celia
SEP 9 BARBÈS, BROOKLYN NY -- with David Celia
SEP 10 WFMU 91.1FM, JERSEY CITY NJ -- live performance and interview
SEP 11 IOTA CLUB AND CAFE, ARLINGTON VA -- with Impossible Hair and The Jennifers
SEP 13 THE CAVE, CHAPEL HILL NC -- with Dan Bryk
SEP 20 CASA NUEVA, ATHENS, OH -- with Chris Forbes and Black Swans
OCT 6 MITZI'S SISTER, TORONTO ON -- homecoming show with Tanya Philipovich

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