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On my Spring 2019 tour, I'll be visiting some very interesting people such as Rob Hopkins (founder of the Transition Towns movement) and Carl Honoré (leading proponent of the global Slow movement), and talking with them about the role of music in healthy lives and communities. I'll also be asking people everywhere I go about their media consumption habits and how we can all discover a more meaningful and fulfilling relationship to music amidst our fast-paced, consumerist, globalized, digitized culture. I'll share the best of these conversations as a podcast while I travel. If you're interested, email me and I'll send you the episodes as they appear. They're also here:


If you'd like to be part of this dialogue online, join does music do for you? Do you enjoy it as much as you used to? Do you enjoy sharing it with people? Do you really engage with it, and does it really move you? Do you have live, local music in your life? Music in your native language? Do you take the time for enjoying, or even making music? Do you have any frustrations or inspiring stories to share? Post your thoughts, feelings, and experiences in the Facebook group.

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