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Most of my music's not on streaming platforms, which make money without really compensating artists. Here, you can reciprocate how you want, voluntarily, in the spirit of gift economy.


Look at the albums on my home page or the bottom of this page. Let me know what you want, and whether you want MP3s or physical copies (in which case I need your mailing address). Email your order to me:, or call my landline: (508) 349-2120.


If you've ordered MP3s, I'll email you a link you can use to download the music and (in most cases) lyrics. If you've ordered physical albums, allow 1–2 weeks for delivery.


Does it feel like a gift? What's it like to receive it personally from the artist, rather than a corporate service?


If you feel gratitude, then express it somehow. Think of this reciprocation not as a price you must pay, but as a response to the music, a way to honor it. What should you do? The important thing is to follow your inspiration. These are just suggestions:
  • Treat the music as sacred. Engage with it, give it your attention.
  • Call, email, write, or voice-message me with honest feedback about it. Your impressions needn't be "expert" or "positive." Just describe what you experience from the music. That info is a gift to me.
  • Turn someone else on to it—online, or even better, in person. If you share it, it may increase in value, because now it will remind you of each other.
  • Volunteer to be a research subject for my forthcoming book, which involves practicing one of ten ways to make music more special, for a week, and then giving me feedback.
  • If you'd like to reciprocate with something else non-monetary, go right ahead!
  • Pay my music forward by treating other people’s music as sacred.
  • If my music inspires you to do something creative, generous, or playful in the world, then do it, even if it doesn't obviously benefit people.
  • If you feel that you already give to the world in ways that match the spirit of this offering,  then simply continue doing that.
  • If you’re going through hard times and don’t feel able to express gratitude in any way, that's okay. It's great if my music can help someone in need.
If you want to reciprocate with money, pick an amount that feels right based on what you've gotten from the music and what you can afford. If you're not sure, a base level for folks of average income could be $10 for a digital download and $15 or $20 plus postage for a physical copy. Here are some ways you can pay:
  • Paypal or credit card using the Donate button at the bottom of this page, or with this email address:
  • US or Canadian check to Michael Holt, Box 1087, Truro, MA, USA, 02666.
  • If you have a different currency, then estimate the conversion, fold up your paper money, wrap it in some paper, and send it to the above address.
  • Suggest another money transfer method.


Off The Record: MP3s
24 Preludes for Piano: MP3s or double CD
Michael Holt's Greatest HitsMP3s
Jubilation!: MP3s or CD
The Dawn ChorusMP3s
Windows: MP3s or CD
Someone Still Loves You Michael HoltMP3s
Pilot SingleMP3s
I'm Here With You: MP3s or CD
Pajama Garden: MP3s or CD plus 8" color booklet
Best Of The ConnotationsMP3s
The Connotations (Live at CBGB): MP3s or cassette tape
The Connotations AnthologyMP3s


Another way into my music is through “Holt Songs of the Week.” I’m sending out virtually every piece I've ever written, one per week, in alphabetical order, for free. This includes the songs on all my albums, my songs on the Mommyheads and Connotations albums, live recordings, unreleased studio recordings, multilayered home recordings, a few videos, and early, lo-fi recordings made on cheap tape machines. A huge range of styles from 80s New Wave, dark art ballads, and classical instrumentals, to melodic pop, electronica, indie-rock, and wholesome folk.

There are two ways to partake:

  • Click here to join a Facebook group where I post the selections weekly, and you can be part of conversations about them. 
  • Or email me ( that you’d like to subscribe, and I'll send the song to your inbox each week. This is the surer way to not miss a week, and it will also include a link to the week's Facebook conversation.

Each song will come with a little story about what inspired it, who played on it, etc. Vocal songs will include the lyrics. You’re not expected to listen to every song, or to comment on them. And you can unjoin or unsubscribe at any time.

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