Order albums


Look at the albums on the home page, and the bottom of this page. Let me know what you want, and whether you want physical copies or digital downloads. If you want hard copies, I need your mailing address. Email your order to me here: pianotroubadour@gmail.com.


If you want to use money, base your payment on the suggested prices below and what you can afford. Add a little extra for postage if you're ordering hard copies. Here are some ways you can pay:

- Paypal or credit card using the Donate button at the bottom of this page, or with this email address: pianotroubadour@gmail.com.
- Interac e-Transfer from a Canadian bank account to pianotroubadour@gmail.com.
- US or Canadian check to Michael Holt, Box 1087, Truro, MA, USA, 02666.
- If you have a different currency, then just estimate the conversion, fold up and carefully conceal your paper money, and send it to above address.
- Suggest another money transfer method.

I also love barter and gift economy. Here are some ideas. Believe me that these are truly valuable to me:

- Listen closely to the album, and then call, email, or write me about it. Or send me a recorded message.
- Turn someone else on to my music. 
- Create artwork inspired by my music.
- Pay it forward, by organizing a house concert for someone in your community, hosting a men's group, or working on local sustainability. 
- Be a research subject for my forthcoming book, which will involve practicing one of ten new ways to relate with music, for a week, and then sending me a report on how it went. 


If you've ordered digital downloads, I'll email you a link you can use to quickly download the music. For most albums, I'll also email you the lyrics. If you've ordered hard copies, allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

SUGGESTED PRICES (US or Canadian Dollars)

Off The Record: $10 for digital download.
24 Preludes for Piano: $15 for digital download; $20 for hard copy (double CD).
Michael Holt's Greatest Hits: $10 for for digital download.
Jubilation!: $10 for digital download; $15 for hard copy.
The Dawn Chorus: $10 for digital download.
Windows: $10 for digital download; $15 for hard copy.
Someone Still Loves You Michael Holt: $10 for for digital download.
Pilot Single: $10 for digital download.
I'm Here With You: $8 for digital download; $10 for hard copy.
Pajama Garden: $15 for digital download; $20 for digital download plus hard copy of colour booklet.
Best Of The Connotations: $10 for digital download.
The Connotations (Live CBGB cassette): $8 for digital download; $10 for hard copy.
My entire discography! Digital downloads of all of the above, plus The Connotations Anthology below, for $100 (approximate value of $150). Or make me an offer for some other combination of albums.

ALSO AVAILABLE (not listed on my homepage)

The Connotations Anthology (28 songs and versions not on the above cassette): $10 for digital download.
Bingham's Hole (by The Mommyheads): $10 for digital download; $15 for hard copy.
Tour of '91 (The only Mommyheads live album, originally on cassette): $10 for digital download.

Paypal or credit cards